The perfect person to fuck or have sex with.
Damn he's beautifuk!
by macchu_pichhuu September 23, 2010
To describe something that is both beautiful and fuckable
Damn, those puppies are so beautifuk.
by GmrMineTurtle July 08, 2013
beautiful, and fuckable at the same time.
You're beautifuk girl, holler at me
by Tiffany November 01, 2002
So beautiful, that you're fuckable.
That chick over there is beautifuk.
by checkeredskyline February 14, 2010
to love something so much you wish to fuck it
Girl 1: Did you see that guy in the store?

Girl 2: yeah.....he was so beautiful....

Girl 1: No he was Beautifuk
by Mo-the-Mole July 04, 2009
Beautiful And Fuckable At The Same Time

Look At Daryl, She's So Beautifuk
by Daryl And Brittni September 26, 2005
something that is fucked up yet beatiful
John: I think I am in love with goatse
Tyler:awww, that's beautifuk
by Geek Me 'Till It MHz April 12, 2005

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