a word to describe someone who is absolutely fucking gorgeous.
"what are you talking about Jimmy? You're beautifuck!"
by punkindrublic November 23, 2003
Top Definition
Beautifuck: (adj), complimentary word meaning a cross between; "Your inner beauty shines through and brings out your true qualities of kindness and soul-felt integrity", and "Daaaamn, look at that smokin' body, id like to get in those jeans like a jew in a Money Mart."
"Erin Leigh, you are so beautifuck."
by Clown O Round February 07, 2004
Adjective...to be incredibly attractive, used to describe someone who you would fuck on the spot just by looking at them.
"DAAAAAAAMN BOY, did you see that girl? She was soooo boom bangin' she had beautifuck written all over her!!!"

"Yes that girl is hot, but I wouldn't call her beautifuck hot!"
by Scott Pawlow November 28, 2006
word used as a description to describe something or someone so beautiful, that it makes you want to forcinate!
That picture is simply beautifuck!
Maria..you are so beautifuck!
by Imran Mohammad October 24, 2006
a beautiful person you would like to fuck
"Oh My god he's so hot!"
"I know! What a beautifuck!"
by ideababy123 January 20, 2010
The quality of being so good looking that people just want to fuck when in the presence of the person or object.
Haley is so beautifuck that i can't resist myself from nutting.
by thebear650 June 01, 2009
1. When someone is so beautiful you want to fuck them on the spot.

2. When someone gets fucked so hard the beauty in them comes out.
1. "Daaayuuuum, that girl is beautifuck

2. " Good thing I got beautifucked by Emilio yesterday! Now I'll look good in this drees."
by HankeyB September 21, 2013
a beautiful fuck, a term used to describe good sex
"i had the best beautifuck last night, it made me want to have babies right there and then"
by beeutifukk August 03, 2011
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