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1) a person that dresses in a disgraceful way.

2) someone who says some absolute horrendous speech.

3) someone who's always coming out with lush facts.
1) " The Clarks shoes on you man, you fat headed beaut! "

2) "That test was extremely difficuilt."

"Beaut man! There was no need for it!"

3) " On average, 90% of cattrpillars eat cabbage "

" Oliver man, you beaut!"
by Sportsy Bastard June 09, 2009
5 16
Aussie slang for beauty, something or someone beautiful.
Oi mate, that sheila's a beaut! Is she single?
by LudwigVan October 01, 2004
229 106
slang (Liverpool UK)
a silly person, a fool a gimp, an arsehole.
Alex Ferguson is a total fucking beaut
by Gaz August 28, 2003
317 194
1. Aussie abbreviation for something or someone who is beautiful, used with one syllable rather than the standard three because they're lazy convicts

2. (Invernesian, or possible Scouse origin) Someone who has all the unfortunately personality and physical flaws of being ugly, smelly, extremely stupid, cheaply dressed, immoral and generally a cunt - generic not literal term. Ironically mostly used by beauts themselves, respectable people wouldn't touch the word with a shitty stick.
1. {Aussie approaches a woman at a bar} G'Day Sheila, you're a real beaut! Can we have sex?


Well would you mind lying down while I have some?

2. Here, you, what ya saying?! Mun then ya beaut eh! I'll fucking smash ye! (Example of unprovoked unintelligible Ned behaviour and speech)
by Cuddlesthesexybeast September 04, 2011
80 27
Something that is beautiful, or deserves special notification.
That car that Doug got is Beauts!!
by 50 November 06, 2003
42 11
Descriptive for something good, great or killer. Not to be confused with "beauty".
"That is beaut, man"
by trev24 October 25, 2003
89 65
A simple being, beginning with a love for hockey, they also love drinking beer, scoring goals, fucking women, and hanging out with the boys. They love to bullshit with each other, and spend an obscene amount of time laughing. Always down for a good time, they are the most reliable resource when it comes to any drinking activity, party, or sport. They are true hockey players, living the lifestyle, and presenting to the rest of the world.
That is a team of beauts.
by Lefty55 February 05, 2012
33 20
An object or person of great beauty, not only on the inside but also the outside.
Jacob is so handsome, smart, and adorable, he's such a beaut!
by davidyourvalentine February 10, 2011
24 14