jerking off around a vagina
yeah baby i'm beating around the bush. let me get off next your pussy.
by megakong December 05, 2008
Top Definition
being indirect in conversation
please stop beating around the bush and cut to the chase: what the fuck do you want?
by save November 18, 2002
When a girl is going to give you dome, but she takes your pants off only to find you have a wicked groin beard. She gets grossed out, so decided to just jerk you instead. Hence, she is beating around the bush.
yeah dog i didnt think my slampiece would mind if I didnt clean up down there, but after she took my pants off, she ended up just beating around the bush.
by davidandbroliath March 07, 2011
when a person or people are happy, angrey, or excited and decides to take a sledgehammer and find a bush and just start beating the ground around it.
Tom was so mad when his girl-friend dumped him that he started to go beating around the bush to release stress.
by Joey J. G. October 30, 2007
"beating" see masturbating; "bush" see vagina
stop beating around the bush; let's slap skins
by save November 18, 2002
fucking a girl who doesnt shave
"If i were you, i wouldnt have sex with her. You'd be beating around the bush."

"Why man?"

"'Cause she doesnt shave it!"
by Kyle, Travis January 13, 2006
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