A sleeveless undershirt usually worn by, non other than wife beaters. (Usually worn by itself with no top shirt a popular piece of clothing for your assorted hicks, rednecks, and trailer trash type persons)
Yo that kids wereing a beater.

Hey Billy Joe, hasnt Jim Bob been werein that same beater for two weeks.
Shoes that you wear that you dont care what condition they're in.
Guy1:dude, your shoes r fucked up
Guy2:Yea, these r my beaters cuz i dont wana ruin the condition of my AJs
by i4GotMyName March 05, 2008
A beta-tester in a video game at which he/she plays unfairly or he/she cheats during the beta test. Most commonly in Sword Art Online.
Guy 1: "Hey how did you get so far on the first day in this game?"
Guy 2: "Because I knew all the shortcuts."
Guy 1: "No way! You can't do that! Your a cheater!"
Guy 2: "It's not cheating if you beta test the game."
Guy 1: "Your a Cheater and a Beta tester? Your a beater!"
Guy 2: "Hell I like that name."
by thenegativedegree July 04, 2014
(noun) a paddler who is terrible at paddling, usually in a kayak, canoe, or raft, and usually swimming in every rapid

beatering (verb)
the action of being a beater
Look at that beater beatering in that class II hole, he must be feeling the wrath of Jah.
by Magikarpie April 27, 2015
this is a term that started in the late 80's in Toronto refering to white girls who would dress up like roots girls talk with west indian accents chase black men and show up at any event that has black people reggea, hip hop, and they would get beat the hell up for it. Hence the name beaters...
Yo you see that beater walking down the street you know she will let us run a train on her...just cause we are black LOL
by Romeo b Montague September 24, 2010
A fat-assed white chick who dates only black guys.

Black guys have 2 sets of girlfriends. 1. Thier baby mommas, who are usually black and dont take shit from his lazy ass. 2. A usually plump blonde who submits to his every whim, usually paying for his cell-phone bills and driving him around in her red ford tempo while he smokes menthol cigarettes. He is also usually shorter than her, and a real gangsta wannabe. She gets beat around by him on occasion, hence BEATER. EG"Hey, check out that little skinny black dude with that fat-assed white blonde! SHES A BEATER!"
by Jason Hump January 15, 2008
Short for wife beater, and also known as a Guinea-T. A sleevles white undershirt usually worn on its own by guys trying to show off a muscled up physique. Although it is usually associated with Italian American men, it has become very popular among many other ethnic and racial groups. The wife beater is a staple of the roid head wardrobe.
"The weather is getting nice bro, time to bring out the beater"

"I usually work out in a beater"

"I'm trying to get jacked son, so I can rock a beater this summer and flawse for the mamis."
by Fulano De Tal September 11, 2006

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