to give good sexual pleasure
a quote from Nas: "Nas the one they call when they want they thing beat up"
by June December 14, 2003
When a female's pussy is not good anymore, expired. Usually wide enough to shove a bowling ball up in it.
"Yo son I got a 15 inch dick and I still couldnt get shorty to moan. That shit was all beat up! I guess thats what i get for fuckin 70 year old streetwalkers?!"
by Flo-town November 28, 2003
1) (v) To injure physically in a fist fight.
2) (v) To have sex with (a woman).
3) (adj) Extremely ugly, as a person.
4) (adj) Old, weather beaten, and in tatters.
Getting beat up by that sumo wrestler and being run down by his beat up '85 Chevy Nova was quite a price to pay for having beat up his crack whore girlfriend, who ended up looking pretty beat up when I finally sobered up. Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit popping Vicodin.
by Nick D August 12, 2004
to cuddle with perfect girlfriend/boyfreind
im tryna go beat up my girl
by Kennyxxx June 20, 2010
Basically to do something like homework etc. quickly.
Yo Mi have the Spanish Homework to beat up when I go home.
by deeabee May 21, 2010
Term used to describe something that is wrong.
<Clubber 1>Man i got shit at the fuckin club on some fake beans
<Clubber 2>Thats BEAT UP man.
by Eckstahsee December 18, 2003
A term referring to a badly damaged object, usually a car.
"Those wheels is real beat up, yo."
by Tom September 30, 2003
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