1. adj. something that is incredibly good. eg food, films, pornography etc.
2. n. to give beats eg. physical violence.
1. Did you see the new Transformers film? It was the fuckin BEATS!!
2. You're gonna take the fucking beats!
by The Sweaty Cretin May 01, 2008
to beat as in hurt, to beat as in rape, and to beat as in sports and rudely and visously beating you wife in a (what started out as) a ordinary game of tennis in which you DESTORYED HER WITHOUT MERCY!!
eddie beat amy also see usuck
by haha March 19, 2005
Another word for masturbation
Skall beats it all the time to porno.
by Dave Fry April 28, 2004
Bringing Everyones Attention Towards Sound
B.E.A.T.S. crew. . posers get the fuck away!
by Rapturedbeats March 27, 2003
Beats is a slang insult towards fat people. To be "Beats" is to be obscenely fat or overweight in such a way that you are repulsive and have no chance of getting laid. To be used effectively the word must be screamed in the face of the fattie. After you use the word you must deny all knowledge of how you came about the word and what it means.
Fat Girl: Hey hows it going?

Liam: BEATS!
Fat Girl: What?
Liam: Nothing.
by Dr "The Doc" Docherty April 24, 2012
Beat means to have sexual intercourse with a girl
I went to her house for a sleep over and we beat last night
by @Prestigious_izzy February 10, 2015
To describe someone who is attractive and well put together.
"She's BEAT to capacity chile!"

"I'm looking beat today! I did that! Teeheeeheeeheeeee!"
by amazingsinger17 October 29, 2014

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