Coming from "beat with the ugly stick" like when ur face is jacked up and people make fun of you 'nd junx. like ur face is so atrocious that it looks like someone beat u because ur face cannot possibly be that ugly.
Wow, that kids face is beat.

She was hot, but her face was beat.
by P.Diddy January 05, 2005
Beat Movement
Alan Ginsburg White Shroud & Do the Mediation Rock; Felinghetti's Ferris Wheel; Ira Cohen's Haunting of the Rose;Lenny Bruce;Marvel Comics; thee!&I-Thou
by Victoria D.O. September 29, 2003
to have sex or intercourse
guy:yo are you guna let me beat dat tonight or what?
girl: iuno yet...
by dinaa April 16, 2007
Among other things, "beat" can mean to block a basketball when someone goes for the rim.
Defender: *Swats the ball away* ARRGHHHH! BEAT yo' shit!
by BigDeezy August 22, 2006
an ugly girl or woman.
Ewww that chick is beat.
by andy February 23, 2005
Fly, tight, awesome, "neato", cool, the cat's whiskars, hip. Something that is of current style or fashion, and is appealing or desireable.
Those rims are beat!
I want an IPod, that is so beat.
by CrimsonShield December 20, 2004
Stolen from or slighted by when it comes to the buying of selling drugs.
Dave thought he bought cocaine but he was beat. It was just baby powder.
by Quinn December 23, 2003

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