Adj. 1. Offensively ugly, most often used to describe females.
"Damn, that girl is beat."
by Dom-inator October 13, 2005
when the weight of the world is stacked against you
Ben: I didn't study for my Spanish test.
Danny: Oh, your beat
by BiologyBlows April 26, 2004
when something is not enjoyable
thats beat
by c December 06, 2003
To strike repeatedly with a blunt object. Could be fists, baseball bat, a mace, just anything blunt.
In a barbaric attack, a young man was beaten to death.
by Melanie November 05, 2003
A public place or venue where gay men meet to engage in sex, usually a park, rest stop or public toilet.
Roger loved going to the beat, there was always some hot ass or mouth to take his load.
by p.m.n August 12, 2003
To be taken advantage of; hosed.
Jack was going to hook Joe up with the drugs, but after Joe gave him the money, Jack ran off and Joe was beat.
by Brian April 17, 2003
When someone, usually a girl, has slept with a large amount of guys. typically a slut.
"I've seen her with at least 20 different guys. damn she's beat."
by micdre December 07, 2009

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