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a dance some teenagers in dc do while listening to gogo.
Ra-Ra stay beatin his feet.
by Antonio October 18, 2004
199 46
A form of dance originated in the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) which goes hand in hand with Go-Go, the music of the DMV.
Come on man... every time I here that fight anthem by CCB, I wanna beat my feet.. SO BEAT YOUR FEET!
by assassiNation January 14, 2009
48 14
v- To leave, move, get out . used in the dc/md area .
" If you aint come here to party tonight then you need to beat your feet, this aint the place for you "
by tami babi May 17, 2008
25 45
hurry up, Come on, stop taking so long.
By crikey if you lot dont beat your feet youll get it!
by Noreen Henry November 29, 2006
12 61
run, important for you fitness, there is one motto that says.... "the bigger the feet, the bigger the meat".
according to my school system, we have some weird people.

by anonymous September 06, 2003
6 79