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A system of tactics that allow you to take full advantage of any 'all you can eat' buffet. As described by Howard, in channel 4 sitcom Fresh Meat. The plan is as follows:
1. Positioning: close to the buffet. Minimising plate travel and ensuring prime position for refills.

2. The first round: just one of each item. This is the introductory taster plate; we don't want to waste stomach space on non-tasty items.

3. Round 2: maximise high value items eg. prawns, over low value bulk foods such as rice or noodle. Remember the aim is not to have a satisfying meal out, the aim is to beat the buffet.

4. When you feel like you can't eat anymore: bring out the transporter. *Proceeds to tip a large plate of noodle into a rucksack lined with a plastic bag.
by thegrandmaster98 December 11, 2011
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