An act when a guy touches his penis to get sexual satisfaction
His mutha caught him beatin tha meat in da bathroom, i.e beat meat
by LG-MAT April 22, 2006
Top Definition
Verb; To masturbate.
"Give me some lotion, I need to beat my meat."

"Hand me that gatorade, I need to beat my meat."
by Lang20 August 12, 2005
When you get jacked off.
Guy: Aye yo bitch lemme get the beatmeat!
Girl: Do it yourself!

GuysFacebook: Where dha beatmeat?
Reply1: (Male) Nigga you gay!
Reply2: (Earl) ahahhaha you so silly, text me baby;)
Reply3: (Guy) I aint gay but i hit up- no homo!
by bitcccH June 26, 2010
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