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Was a nice quaint idea from radio one onelife. In reality, bullying will never truly be beaten, and there is a lot more you can do than wear a blue wristband. Sadly since they started being worn by footballers etc, they became somewhat a trendy fashion accesorie. Mostly worn by people who will relentlessly follow the next craze. These people often care not about bullying.
"I bought this beat bullying band on ebay for £15. That is how much I care about beating bullying....."
by donohue March 15, 2005
A blue wrist band which is worn to show you are against bullying and show your support to those who are/have been bullied.

Were available for free from the onelife website

Its about standing up for what you believe in, not worn to be a fashion accessory

I think it is sad that our school banded all forms or wristbands regardless of the charity or reason they were worn, how more appropriate could a bullying band be than in a school where so many kids have to suffer bullying everyday?
I wear my blue beat bullying band with pride :)
by grape_vine February 27, 2005
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