A T.V. show or movie involving animals, that is setup to look like a reality show.

A few prime examples of this includes Meerkat Manor, Orangutan Island, Dark Days in Monkey City, and March of the Penguins.
Guy 1: "Dude are you watching Discovery Channel?"

Guy 2: "Yeah! Meerkat Manor is on! It's about the Whisker Family's trouble and struggle."

Guy 1: "Wait... Are those actual animals, WTF are you watching?"

Guy 2: "BeastReality."
by R-Ill May 16, 2009
Top Definition
Noun; When you're at the animal exhibit at the local zoo, and the rhinoceros' are aggravated, taunting each other - and immedietly break out into wild sexual intercourse.
Offset of 'The Hills'...

Lauren Conrad: Can you like, believe this beastreality bullshat?

Stephen Colletti: I know. They like, fight like animals then spontaneously fuck!

Lauren Conrad: Stephen, O-M-G, they are animals.

Stephen Colletti: Do you think its scripted?

by Entrepreneurial YouTuber February 26, 2009
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