anything that is wildly and extremely (insert any adjective here)!
Person #1 - oh man! that AP US history summmer assignment is BEASTLY.

Person #2 - hell. yes.
by bill August 04, 2006
Top Definition
Being good at a certain things
K1: Did you see how she hit that ball?
K2: Yes, it was very beastly.
by Jordyn Hall May 06, 2005
Beast(ly) - adj. The characteristic of being good at something, or doing something incredible. (As a beast)
Dude: Way to be beastly by going up those stairs with your broken leg!
Dude: Yeah, it was beast when you got up there and sang in front of the school.
by T.D.V. April 14, 2008
When a person or something are particularly skilled in some certain aspect.
Woah Ben is beastly at dancing the tango!
by Pawlin February 06, 2008
Just IMMENSELY buff/fit/athletic
or just all around awesome
(Blank) "Dude did you see Ryan tackle that guy at the game "

(Friend) "Yeah dude hes beastly!"
by Nowa Chuck Norris October 09, 2009
something or someone that can be described as really cool, awesome, fantastic, admirable, kickass, etc.
yeah dude obama's hella beastly for sure
by easy0lucky0free September 18, 2008
beastly means to be so good at sumthing that you are almost like a beast
Rodney is a beastly soccer player
by martian rocker February 10, 2009
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