describing a guy that is ugly but you want him to think hes hott
(NS Canada)
Jacob is a BEAST!!!

hey you're such a beast

that guy is a beast!
by kelly April 18, 2005
The term is usually used to greet Mark Alan Young, he was born August 20th 1988, see him and bitchslap the cunt
Yo beast, wha' sup!!!
by Ted December 07, 2004
Luke Eggum
you are a beast, just like luke eggum
by david v April 26, 2004
The worst fucking beer in the world. It is made by them niggra lovers at Miller Brewing Co. People who drink the beast do not associate with those who comsume such high quality beers as Natty Ice and Mickey's Fine Malt Liquor. HOT DAMN!!! If i had one wish it would be that every beast brewery burnt down.
I gotta leave this party...All they got is The Beast.
by J. Dough March 01, 2005
to be epically profound, see crucial
That is so BEAST!
by ura-kit February 06, 2003
A man with an exceptionally large penis, or a beastly node. Only used in cases of extreme girth and splendor.
Man, did you hear about that guy Justin? He's a total beastnode. You gotta see it
by Bringer of HARMONy March 01, 2015
something that is so dope. like that video is beast. hence has all of the dope videos.
all the beast party videos are on
by Benny Goldddd October 01, 2014

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