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verb v: to have sex with a consenting female, squatting and inserting the penis into her vagina or anus while she is on all fours.
I so totally beasted on your sister and she came!
by grymmrosso July 25, 2005
6 14
Defenition of beast = Alison Eastman
Man.. i can't believe that beast looked at me.
by Mike Hunt November 11, 2003
5 13
1) Another word for animal

2) A word that was a noun that has been bastardized into an adjective by young people who think it's cool to sound stupid. Whenever it is used as an adjective to describe awesomeness it sounds very asinine.
1) Unfortunately my generation think it's cool to use the word beast to describe themselves, evertime they do I lose hope for the human race a little more.

2) Friend: Hai Dood! That Partay Waz So Beast Last Night!(This was an actual text I got)
Me: That sounds stupid man
by ReptileGirl'sBoyfriend November 13, 2010
7 16
'The Beast' is a term commonly used to describe certain twelve year old girls who are three times the size of you and have no emotion whatsoever. 'The Beast' often has an ego thinking, just because she is a descendant of the African elephant, she can 'kick' you to death. 'The Beast' is a terribly unfortunate sight, often serenaded by doomsday music when passed in the cafeteria accompanied with squinty eyes.
OMG look it's the Beast! That bitch actually thinks she's good, she only beat me because she's been breaking through walls since birth! ..and I mean the actual room separating type.. She's a fricken yeti!
by Schitzy June 09, 2005
9 18
1. A verb meaning to kick the shit out of someone
2. A verb meaning to rape someone
3. A verb meaning almost anything
1. I a going to beast on you
2. I beasted on your mom with a stick
3. Yo stop beastin on my reese's puffs jon
by TEDSTEROO June 05, 2005
4 13
A gang known as Beast Mafia that does all these things also can stand for
Machew is a true BEAST
by MCBeast January 19, 2005
2 11
a woman who is rather large in size, broad and stocky, doesn't have a very pretty face.
"whoa, that bitch is lookin' beastly."
by Tina December 24, 2004
3 12