v. to get somewhere quickly
I had to beast to class because the bell was about to ring.
by Nikki September 21, 2003
1) An unpleasant member of the female species, usually due to physical appearance/smell
2) The male genitalia
1) Look at the state of that beast over there, she STINKS
2) .....then she said yes, so i got me beast out
by Wise Man July 15, 2003
Wicked,amazing ,superb,etc
Yor momma is beast!!
by Jazz B (+ Mike J) March 25, 2003
Those things are BEASTS!
by pmc November 02, 2002
Beast: Some one who is sooo amazingly cool they are called a beast. Or they are good at something.
"Jessica Doyle is a beast"
"Austin Mahone is a beast at singing."
by imma beast February 15, 2012
A word meaning awesome, cool, or really good at something. Most commonly used by teenage boys' lacrosse players.
Ok, well this happend after our spanish teacher (who is also one of the boys' lacrosse coaches) tells us a story about a kid that he went to grade school wit who went from eighth grade to college: Andrew (lax player): that dude is beast! Teacher: wat is beast? Y do u guys say beast? (btw, our teachers only in his 20s) Conner (another lax player): cuz its beast
by Laxgurlie December 18, 2008
Most of the time a 'Beast' can be found shaggin a female with male sex organs for a record 30 seconds. Some people refer to a Beast as 'Meathead' or 'Dick' for the simple reason, they often have big heads. They normally have wooden legs and little willy's.
A 'Beast' can be found lurking in a mans anus.
by Tummy May 28, 2008
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