To beast

To do something incredible, especially involving a vagina
Dude, last night I beasted that chick so hard

#dominate #destroy #own #rough #pwn
by Dennis Minton February 11, 2008
Beast: n. adj. v., one who is of extreme koolness, usually gifted with athletics and one who tries hard and tries to improve thier life; also one who has a vivid sence of humour, and is lord of the frisbee
conor cahill
antonym: stee chu
i was a beast at frisbee today
#beast #frisbee #beest #conor #kool
by mike obsuth January 31, 2007
5O - or the police. Cops.
Put the spliff down, there's beast around the corner.
by jackioe July 23, 2005
used to describe something that may be a little too ritzy or uptight for someone of an easygoing nature
That movie premiere seems kinda beast.
by crispysam March 06, 2005
a term that can be used for anything, much like meh, but always exclaimed. can be used in a derogatory manner, a complementary manner, can mean a crazy person, can mean a lot.
"dude... what a BEAST!"
"omg... my bus driver's a fuckin beast"
"dude... you're a fuckin beast"
"omg, beast! you fuckin suck!"
"dude... fuckin... she's not hot, she's beastly!"
"dude... what a beast! he could squeeze you to death with his pinky!"
by The Ownage February 24, 2005
a hardcore muscluar guy
DAMN! that guy is a beast!
by llamaman May 19, 2004
Beast and schlitz are the two greatest beers in the world. Hell YES! I put all that shit in my cereal and eat it. WOOOO!
Milwaukee's Best Bitch! MMMM MMMM BITCH!
by Dan the man May 07, 2004
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