the word you would use to describe someone who is virtually unstoppable in all sports, especially football.
man, Jordan just ran over that guy like a beast
by The Champ 15 May 14, 2009
Hot sex muffin
Mellissa did you know that beast means hot sex muffin ?
Well it does , Arent I beast ?
Uhm suuree James , Sureee
by ellabeh April 05, 2009
one that breaks toilets after sitting upon them to have intercourse
dude i just pulled a beast last night
by Joey One and Only February 16, 2009
Verb, Noun, Adj.
A word describing complete domination. Often about a slam dunk or a F****** awesome juke.
Verb: Yesterday, he beasted on the other team.
Noun: Wow, Myles is a beast
by 'Danger Dog' January 25, 2009
Matt's legs
This particular definition is an example of the word beast.
by Sofa.King. July 10, 2008
being a str8 fool at something..
doin it big an to tha fullest
i hit lil momma with tha mule, she said i was a beast wit it
by d-mane April 16, 2008
To beast

To do something incredible, especially involving a vagina
Dude, last night I beasted that chick so hard

by Dennis Minton February 11, 2008

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