someone who does a task in a fierce and effective way
Mark is a beast the way he put a housing project together.
by Gerard Irick December 28, 2009
Beast is an adj to descibe a noun that is thought to be cool, really good, awsome ect.

Different forms are

Beastin'-something your doing
Beastly- another form to describe how something is done.
"Dude, that shirt is beast! Where did you get it?"
"Wow Kristina, your such a beast for being so beastly."
by Sarashayne December 26, 2009
there are many meanings for the wore beast. It is mostly when you do something great. Another definition is if you are really good at something.
I beasted that dumb ass in football yesterday.
Hey, lets go beast some pussy.
Lets beast a beer.
Did you beast last night?
by c how July 31, 2009
A Collective made up of lazy girls that have no future, but are still killin' the game harder than you.
Damn,I hate them Beasts'....
by B≡AST. July 30, 2009
-The San Francisco East Bay. East Bay is pig-latin for "Beast"
A: Where in California do you live?
B: The Beast
by Back2Beast July 13, 2009
The Beast from "Beauty and the Beast"
-a large shaggy haired creasture who lives in castle all by himself waiting for true love, but is actuually a really smexy prince.
Gaston: Kill the Beast, him will ravage the town and steal your children

townsfolk: kill the beast!
by shirttrish June 26, 2009
The actions of a person, place or thing that would require a word that is fun to say, and requires a word meaning better than awesome. This word can be used as a noun, pronoun, verb or anything you wish.
Dude, you are beast.
by savergen June 11, 2009

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