One with an incredibly artificial and loathsome personality who is hated by all. This is an incurable disease. Thinks they are beautiful, but most can see through the inner (and outer) beast. Synonymous with "dick".
ex. "OMG did you hear what the beast just said to me?"

"Ugh how rude! She's such a beast"

Beast: aren't I so beautiful today?? whoa what's up with ur hair? JUST KIDDING ahahahahaha!!

Others: wow what a dick.
by 197912345 January 10, 2011
Acronym for: Beautiful Eager Artists Showcasing Talent
Tupac was a BEAST
Eminem is a BEAST
Kid Cudi will always be THE BEAST
by Mrs. Mescudi1993 November 23, 2010
a beast is a man who is so sexy that the word sexy can't cut it
girl 1 :did you see that guy?
girl 2 :the beast?
girl 1 : YEAH he's such a beast i can't even stand it!
by sassy sassy pants November 11, 2010
To sarcastically describe someone that they are way better than you in every way possible.
Wow Darren, you're so beast.
by Bob Smithonson October 15, 2010
An animal other than a human, especially a large four-footed mammal. Or Ronnie Brown.
Ronnie Brown is A Beast. Its like he is not Human.
by Father Ian September 30, 2010
being the absolute shit at somethig
bro, hes a beast at beer pong
by dirtyheadted September 25, 2010
a sex machine capable of producing 5000000000 pounds of sperm a day. He/sometimes she will fuck u up, literally
man: I am beast
woman: i cant fuck u then, you'll produce to much and kill me
by thedonkeyherder May 25, 2010

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