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legend's..hero's..people who mack ho's constantly..great-lookin..bling..shazam..
Vin and Grif are BEASTS
by hershwitz September 21, 2003
To become enraged when something small happens
Cindy became a beast when the children did not respect the house
by Stan Lee August 30, 2003
A person (normally a man) who has excessive facial hair and obese appearance, usually sweats a lot and talks like a spastic.
"Shit! seen him, what a total beast!"
by Comp June 15, 2003
A means of describing someone as being particularly strong in a physical manner. Can also be used to describe someone who is absorbed into something and therefore makes it a focal point of their existence (i.e., karate, cardiovascular exercise, video games, etc.)
Did you hear what he did to that Mini Cooper? HE FLIPPED THE BITCH!! Dude, Forest is such a friggin' beast!
by Joseph Kielbasa June 02, 2003
verb, to take something without asking, similar to stealing. can be used to describe any number of things, from beasting some cash to beasting a style. it's a flexible word
that girl really needs to get over the fact that I beasted her boyfriend. it's not my fault I'm freakier!
by Lauren February 10, 2003
A Scottish slang word for Pedophile
"They just found out Jimmy Saville is a Beast"
by 3ug3ne December 23, 2012
you spelled breast wrong and ended up with this.
search: b-?-e-a-s-t. "dammit, not beast breast"
by thesarcasmmonster September 19, 2012