v: to completely dominate, usually in a very physical and violent manner
Keith and Jeff wouldn't shut their mouths, so they got beasted by Aaron
by ATCarter June 11, 2007
Beast:(adj.)1 term used for "awesome" 2 superior to others 3 higher in rank and/or popularity 4 possesses athletic skills
Alex: hey did you see Rory play today?

Shelby: dude yea he was SUCH a beast!!!
by alex_is_beast March 28, 2009
Someone who is absolutely the greatest at something, or something that is cool. Can also mean something that looks very awesome.
Jack is so fuckin' beast.

That car is beast!

That trick you did was beast.
by Fenix Bright March 02, 2009
n. a person or thing possessing outstanding, awesome and intense skills

adj. being or acting as possessing outstanding, awesome and intense skills
n. He is a beast at running!

adj. Wow, did you see that goal she scored? That was so beast!
by sunnshinegrl0028 February 11, 2009
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