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v: to completely dominate, usually in a very physical and violent manner
Keith and Jeff wouldn't shut their mouths, so they got beasted by Aaron
by ATCarter June 11, 2007
To beat someone so badly that they feel the need to cry.
Oh man, i beasted you on go-karts the other day!
by Phoenix K July 28, 2004
to work hard
I am beasting engligh tonight because I have a paper due tomorrow and I haven't started.
by Pooja Patel June 14, 2004
A coarse, brutal, filthy, or degraded fellow: AKA THE WILLIAMS SISTERS, (SERENA & VENUS).
That's one fucken beast if I ever saw one; looks beastly like the Williams Sisters if ya ask me!
by Courtesy of Mahwah, NJ 07430 June 08, 2004
The Police force,Or individividual Officer
"The beastcame through to arrest the burgulars"
by M.Jones December 07, 2003
<i>adj.</i> Considered wild and entertaining, and far from civilized.
After the weedhead opener, the concert was just beast!
by steveisright November 23, 2003
To comsume a large quantity of food
Man, I went to Taco bell and beasted 15 soft tacos.
by Chops930 November 10, 2002
The best beer ever. Also called Milwaukee's Best Light. AKA Nectar of the gods.
At 8 bucks a case, you can't top the beast.
by beast lova 656 October 03, 2002