v: to completely dominate, usually in a very physical and violent manner
Keith and Jeff wouldn't shut their mouths, so they got beasted by Aaron
by ATCarter June 11, 2007
An aestheticly unpleasant young woman. Usually built stonger than most animals native to African plains.
DAMN! She's ugly!

Yeah, she's a beast!
by Idlevice February 28, 2005
A less violent way to swear
argh! you beast
What a beast
by Martin February 08, 2005
A disgusting whore of a woman who is able to steal the independence of men and drink the goblet of their souls.

Also see: bitch
We all gathered in a circle at dawn and prayed for Cranford's salvation, thus departing after the moment of silence with the call, 'Reeeee!"
by Monkey-University of Maryland November 11, 2004
Nickname for prodigiously well-endowed bass trombone players, abbreviated version of "The Sexy Beast."
The fact that The Sexy Beast plays such a large instrument is not a matter of compensation but of superfluity.
by IAA Veteran July 11, 2004
A monstrous animal that lerks and presents fear into the hearts of the unsuspecting victims he so effectively rapes and murders.
A beast example is Janet Feyen
by Eric Beast Sather December 12, 2003
(Edinburgh Slang) To partake in the consumption of take-away asian food in the company of ones closest friends
'Shall we beast tonight? Mine at 10?'

'God I fancy a beast'
by paanders April 27, 2009
an unbelievably awesome gamer who is a jerk to all the noobs in the current game they were in
guy1: LoL, you died again!

guy2: I Know, that guy's a Beast!
by Duki4444 December 19, 2008

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