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this is a poor excuse for a private school. it is a the bigest peice of poo i have ever seen in my life. mr ryle walks round with his almost skin head thinkin he owns the place. this skool is full of cheese!
in berkshire
by Anonymous November 05, 2003

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John Walter (1818-1894), who was an editor of The Times newspaper, bought the 5,000-acre estate in which the school is now located. He built a mansion within it, which used bricks created from clay extracted from a site within the estate, and it served as his country seat. A dam was constructed around the site, which was then flooded to form a 47-acre (190,000 m2) lake.

Now it is a incredibly Posh Public School that has super high fees to keep State school chavs out.
Used to be the Royal Merchant Navy School now is Bearwood College
by MrAntidisestablishmentarianism December 02, 2011