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1. a bear suit, outfit or costume.
2. A spazz band from Norwich whom enjoy dressing up as bears.
bearsuits will take over the world!
by colly October 23, 2003
The pj's that a mans wife or girlfriend wears to bed if she doesn't want to have sex. Like an all flannel outfit or fat pants.
Husband says to him self, " I can see the wife has her bearsuit on again. Looks like more masterbating for me tonight."
#fapping #masterbating #bear suit #sweat pants #flannel pj's.
by Alfred Blowbaum January 21, 2014
To get angry all of a sudden, often scaring those around you....
"If you kids don't get your rooms clean, I'll put on the bear suit"


"Geez, James really pulled out the bearsuit in that meeting...."
#anger #rage #mood swing #berserk #crazy
by Lovebite June 12, 2009
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