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One who watches Wheezy Waiter videos.

Wheezy Waiter is Craig Benzine, a popular video content creator with a YouTube channel and blog called Wheezy Waiter. He calls the people who watch his videos beardlovers. (Tens of thousands of people now subscribe and watch Wheezy Waiter videos daily.)

People who watch Wheezy Waiter videos must love beards, since Craig almost always has a beard. Craig's beard has become the trademark of Wheezy Waiter.

In his video called "Monkey Falls Off Bike" (6/4/09), Craig addresses the idea that some of his viewers might not actually be beardlovers. He says: "Hey, Wheezy Waiter here from the internet. I just need to clear something up. Sometimes I get messages and comments that say 'But I don't love beards.' Well, whether you love beards or you hate beards, too bad! You love them. Hey, beardlovers!"

See definitions for Wheezy Waiter and Craig Benzine for more info about Wheezy Waiter or Craig.
Hey beardlovers.
Greetings beardlovers.
by martha_s February 07, 2010
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Fans of the popular youtuber, WheezyWaiter.
WheezyWaiter: Hey, beard lovers.
by EagleH8r June 01, 2011
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