1. The most amazing pet in the world!

2. very independent yet more loyal than a fish :)

3. is very territorial and will kill/eat other bearded dragons if given the chance(mine did)

4.(personal)my pet bearded dragon recently passed away after an estimated 15 years... RIP Izzy!
1. I recommend everyone to get a Bearded Dragon as a pet.

2. guy- Dude this bearded dragon is way cooler than bubbles your dumb fish!
dude-i know huh!

3. dude- my bearded dragon ate his sister!
guy-the definition told u it was territioial dumb ass!

4. RIP Izzy I will never forget you!
by adorkable27 December 22, 2011
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A docile lizard of Australian orgin, which are poplular pets in the U.S. Also known as beardies.
My bearded dragon was taking a beardies bath when he started attacking his reflection in the cage.
by Jeffy! May 11, 2005
Unshaven Asian Vagina
I usually go for bald beavers, but damn that was one HOT bearded dragon
by Dain735 August 22, 2003
An adorable docile lizard from Australia that are popular pets in America. Also known as beardies.
My bearded dragon was taking a beardies bath and got freaked out by his reflection and started trying to eat his own face.
by Jeffy! May 13, 2005
When the ball sack hangs low and instead of the balls resting on her chin, they sag down and press against her neck when receiving oral
He looked down to see that his balls were on her neck, causing her to look a bit like a bearded dragon
by rachiebabygirl January 13, 2007
A phenomenon where a man shaves everything but his testicles, turning his penis into a bearded dragon.
I stretched her out with my bearded dragon.
by yoyodada November 05, 2014
Bearded Dragon or ( "The Bearded Dragon") -n- Refers to a haircut, given to the hair surrounding the male genitalia. This cut removes all hair from the upper pelvic region above the penis, while at the same time leaving the testicles (nut sack) full of a lovely, bountiful main. This would leave your penis to be referred to as the Dragon and thus forth your extremely hairy balls being the only hair left in your junk area the beard thus giving you "The Bearded Dragon"
My girlfriend prefers "The Bearded Dragon" over the Brazilian.
by monkeymanxxx July 06, 2010
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