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When one partner of a homosexual male couple gives their partner a blowjob, the feeling of the beard stimulating the scrotum is known as beard sex. (Does not have to be male to male couples, though it is more likely)
Jon: Oh my God, that beard sex feels so good!
Josh: I'll never shave my beard again!
by Calvin Burton April 10, 2008
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A term used by New Zealand and Australian cricket fans to mock Indian cricketers during cricket season. The Term is supposed to refer to a practice apparently common among men from Western India in the 18th Century where two men rub their beards together in the morning before taking water. There is apparently historial grounds for the slur: the practice was noted by Scottish proto-anthropologist William Robertson - he called it Dragooning. Is unclear how the word came into current use.
"Filthy Kumar likes a bit of beard sex/or so says hairy captain Kapi Dev!"

- An example of a popular chant/tant recorded by linguist Susan Marpo in 1983
by Wully Robe May 09, 2007
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