A Godless killing machine.
Stephen Colbert: And the number one threat to America is... bears.
by aaronak April 12, 2006
One of Osaka, Japan's most notorious live venues, run by Yamamoto Seiichi, of Boredoms fame. The music playing at Bears will go from punk to noise, garage rock, metal and everything in between. Does not have its own bar, though beer is sold from a cooler. Capacity is of about 100 people, and a sold-out show can get seriously packed.
We went to a Masonna gig at Bears and it lasted 2 minutes.
by grrrrk March 09, 2006
Derived from the relatively unknown language of LullaBar.
The "Bear" can be used as a scare tactic or just to simply state the presence of a tame, but wild animal.
"Hey Jim, do you see a Bear (BAR) over there?" You mean the Bear (BAR) in that Car?" "Ya! He is holding a jar!"
by fuckin ya December 15, 2009
another word for poop. always used plural.
Oh bears! I just left my lunch in the car.

I just left a bears on the floor.
by sadbeaver July 30, 2008
Trucker's definition: A ruthless man dressed in uniform that loves to shoot radar, eat doughnuts, search cars without a warrant, was abused as a child; a law enforcement officer.

See po-po
Hey northbound, there's a bear taking pictures at the 130 yardstick.
by Fizzorrest March 16, 2005
A large friendly mid-western guy who does not like to wear clothes, has an unusually large amount of body hair and is attracted to men with Norwegian names.
Friend 1: "Hey that Matt dude is such a bear!"

Friend 2: "Who? That guy that likes Trygve?"
by Luther E. November 09, 2007
1. a term of endearment; used to address a beloved one
1. Hey Bear how are you?
2. Oh bear!
by Aisheezie August 30, 2007
Bears is another way of expressing disappointment when something unfortunate occurs.
Phil: "I got fired today..."
Kurt: "That's fuckin bears"

So Pluto's not a planet anymore...fuckin bears.
by Kurt McCrohan August 11, 2007

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