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A Godless killing machine.
Stephen Colbert: And the number one threat to America is... bears.
by aaronak April 12, 2006
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A.K.A a girl named Maren! Der Bar! the greatest person, whom is always down to cuddle smash and make you feel better when your down! tons of fun to be with as well! She'll always listen and can always help you, sacrificing herself to make her pals happy:) she has a awesome furry hat that "feels like the inside of a cat". Bear can also be used to describe that one perfect person who's a universal jigsaw puzzle piece to making everybody feel a little better. She's crazy pretty and doesn't admit it for some weird reason, and likes to adventure into the unmapped territories of creepy thrift shops! She's your friend who turns your boring school day into an amazing adventure day:)
A: "what's wrong bro?"
N: "idk man, let's go find bear, i know she'll make me feel better!"
A:"i feel lame:("
N: "dude, i know this total bear, she'll def make you feel better"
by EL GECKO December 06, 2010
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13 year old kid named Michael Ballew. He dreams of one day uniting the world in peace and love. He is a rapper and plans on making it as far as he can in the hip-hop industry by using his own painful recollections and memories to try and reveive what is left of the rap world. He is a freshman, broke as hell and is trying to find love. it's hard out there for a lover. he follows his own philosophy called 589 which means "love the world" he literally takes into consideration other peoples lives and tries to walk in their shoes for a little bit just so he can understand and love the world a little better each day. He loves music. Music is his life. When you read this Try to remember the name because the moment he blows up, The world will change. Its time for change. Contact him at gamemaster5@charter.net, Facebook. (Michael Ballew) or myspace.com/drakius5000. He can't record yet but the moment he can his songs will be all over youtube and Myspace. Get ready people. Its time for love to be reborn. -B.E.A.R 589
B.E.A.R is honestly going to be one of the best upcoming rappers in the recent times. He is signed to his own record label with many artists just like him. IIIrd degree is the name of his Label, He loves to love. Check him out sometime, The moment he gets the ability to record man, You're mind is gonna be blown, out your ass.
by KrunkedMofo July 02, 2010
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The best mother fucking god damn animal in the world. Bears rule! If bears were human they'd be Chuck Norris
Fuck yeah to bears!!!
by F meister May 11, 2006
72 80
A girl, who is Really, Really, Really LOUD during sex.
Sounded like You were slaying a Bear in there last night. I had to have my son put on his headphones and your room is all the way across the house.
by bishop2 July 20, 2011
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A dead bearfur type hairstyle
Anach Ytloz has a bear that looks as if it was cut off of an animal
by viva a Revolution April 14, 2010
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Grizzly chewing tobacco. nicknamed the bear because of the bear on the front of the can.
person1: Hey man you got a bear on you?
person2: Yea man take a pinch
by yteka99 August 03, 2009
4 13
slang for a prostitute.
I cannot bear with that bear. She has such bearish behaviour.
by uttam maharjan October 11, 2010
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