A Godless killing machine.
Stephen Colbert: And the number one threat to America is... bears.
by aaronak April 12, 2006
Code word for a cigarette for when your parents for family members don't know you smoke.
"Hey ashley want to go outside and kill a bear with me?"
"Yeah sure!"

"Hey, do you have an extra bear?"
by Karleylux January 25, 2012
strong powerful and talented guy...caring and thoughtful....
Bear will sing and make you smile...
by DebKSW June 05, 2011
a simple way of saying "I want some crack"
I want some Bears?
by Weylin Patrick May 16, 2004

another name for feces
'i just made a massive bear'
'my bears are running'
'i need 2 make bears'
by bettny December 30, 2012
May describe a masculine, well built gay man or a large, hairy gay man. The term has developed a looser definition and can sometimes refer to the dominant male in a gay relationship. Opposite of a twink.
person 1: Is he a twink?
person 2: No, he's probably a bear. Look how muscular and masculine he is.
by Elisabeth11 February 22, 2013
Black Educated And Rich
That house was like $750,000 and a black dude just bought it WTF. Oh he is a B.E.A.R.
by shiptattoos July 05, 2011
a massive dump, typically one that needs to be wrestled with for a while
I think he's dealing with a real bear.
by Katy Perry's Cleavage October 06, 2010

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