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A combination of the two mightiest creatures in the animal kingdom, creating a super animal that rivals the power of the United States Military.
Don't fuck with the Bear Shark!
by Oddtimes September 19, 2008
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On August 15, 1807 Jeremiah Debussy discover the "Bear Shark" in the Arctic Ocean. The "Bear Shark" has head of an American Black bear. Has the body of a Whale Shark. For extremities it has 4 bear like legs with the back having a frog like motif. The paws are of a bear and webbed. It is an amphibious mammal. The scientific term for this animal is "Ursus typus"
The Bearshark stands 7.5 feet tall. Weights nearly half a ton. Is gray and brown in color. Encounters have caused several Arctic explorations to come to a bloody end due to vast destruction of personnel and pack animals.
by Tcheung September 17, 2008
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