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The hairy build up one gets on and in between their teeth after eating out a woman who does not shave her crotch.
"Dude, when I ate out Sally last night she totally gave me a bear grill because of her huge bush!"
a bad ass ex british special forces who could kick your ass... at surviving random places except harlem.
I got really drunk at a party and wondered a little to far out and had to think what bear grills would do to get out of this situation.
by hoboslayer July 19, 2007
The ample hair around your lush asshole that catches bountiful amounts of your shit.
Guy 1: Why did you take so long in the crapper buddy?

Guy 2: My bear grills snagged a bunch of my shit so it took longer than expected you old pal you.
by GuyGuybury September 09, 2011
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