(Australian/English slang) Uncircumcised penis, i.e. intact with the foreskin concealing the glans, which to some, strangely resembles the soft, crumpled woolen headwear!

Antonym: Helmet
When I was at high school, we'd play handball and often separate into different teams using physical aspects, such as light hair vs. dark, talls vs. shorts and of course, beanies vs. helmets!
by Bag O'Turnips April 14, 2008
Crazy psycho
That boy is a beanie
by Anonymous February 21, 2003
Shorter version of beaner
Hey you beanie, go back to Beantown!
by DizzyLizzy March 19, 2007
1. A stinky bean-like weasel who sucks.

2. A traitor.

3. An emo person.

Can be shortened to "bean".
"Gosh, don't be such a beanie,"


"Go paint a picture, Beanie."
by Ewbeansplz March 12, 2005

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