(Australian/English slang) Uncircumcised penis, i.e. intact with the foreskin concealing the glans, which to some, strangely resembles the soft, crumpled woolen headwear!

Antonym: Helmet
When I was at high school, we'd play handball and often separate into different teams using physical aspects, such as light hair vs. dark, talls vs. shorts and of course, beanies vs. helmets!
by Bag O'Turnips April 14, 2008
when a girl is soft, sweet, snuggly and cute like a beanie baby
"i miss snuggling with my beanie"
by beanie1976 January 21, 2009
Can be used in place of any positive adjective eg. she's beanie, did ye get dat beanie's number. Can also be used as an alternative to sex related activites such as i beanied her, she gave me beanie, i beanied the both of them.
i'm beanie, your beanie he/she/we are beanie, they are beanie, we're all beanie
by MisterEyeahboi December 20, 2008
Another name for an ecstacy tablet.
Dealer "hey you wants some e?"

Guy "nah, i've got my own beanie's"
by Colin Willett December 18, 2007
a tall blonde sexy girl, everyone wants to be her basically. people stop and stare as she walks on by, flicking her hair.
that girl is fine, she must be beanie.
by Fanjo. March 22, 2008
weiner of mine that is very small
my beanie is my weinie and i enjoy playing with it
by John Bommarito April 16, 2007
A sweet/cute animal, i.e. a kitten or a puppy
Look at that kitten, it is so beanie
by Baby Gring May 17, 2006
A hat that makes your head look like an actual penis head.
Person1: Dude, did your head turn into a penis?
Stereotypical Skater1: Dude...not uh. Oh wait...huh huh...Yea it does.
by Mason March 02, 2005

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