A substance that is a mixture of semen and crap. Usually produced during anal sex.
Some bean dip dripped onto her panties
by Michael O. November 05, 2004
A mexican baptizim, where the mexican gets baptized in holy water.
The holy water turned brown after the bean dip.
by bean dippin brad August 09, 2007
Bean Dip- to put one's nut on or in something.
Vinny was sleeping so i bean dipped him.
by Ronald March 14, 2005
a school, city, or location with a dence polulation of latin americans.
" dude our school is major bean dip"
origonated in north hollywood higschool by hily gifted magnet students in thier freshman year in 2006.
by IdaA March 08, 2006
taking a liquid crap then dipping your junk into it and then dipping the shit covered junk into an unsuspecting victims mouth

if crap is green can be referred to as the green tea
dude i gave lukes mom the bean dip
by bean dip August 20, 2006
dirty mexican.
Those beandips are looking through my trash for cans.
by assman February 17, 2004
AKA: fondue haricot
he's this fat ass ugly guy that goes to san marin hs.he's about 6'2 and 300 pounds.ugh.he's friends with Bush baby and Cantohlohpe Boy.Lil one and Cheney make some MAAAD fun of him.
EW!Look at Bean Dip's shoes!WTF!?
Oh hell, here come's bean dip.
by the lil one February 04, 2004
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