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to make a scooping motion on a person's nipple whtile at the same time shouting, "Bean dip!"
Benny was walking down the hall when he was unexpectedly ambushed and "Bean-dipped"
by thatwierdguy February 19, 2009
a game were friends take turns flicking eachothers boobs and catching the other person by surprise.
Ouch! That bean dip really hurt
by Cskeez September 10, 2009
1) a nicer word for beaners
2) a bunch of mexicans in a body of water
Shit, lets get out of here. There's fucking beandip in my pool
by Pistolpete9 October 05, 2008
The act of baptizing a Mexican
We all arrived for the bean dip, that pool will never be the same
by Pat mcgroin September 02, 2013
The protestant act of baptism, but given to any person of hispanic origin
Did you go watch Humberto's BEAN DIP at Calvary Temple today?
by thefallingdream January 18, 2010
When a man ferociously jacks off into a bowl, and a woman squirts into it also. They both then shit in the bowl, but decide they would like a snack. So they break out the tortilla chips and scoop it up.
"The man and woman wanted to have a great Beandip"
by Bob6374 November 06, 2012
Used to change the subject, much like that local sports team and the weather.
Have you tried the bean dip?
by notjohnjohnjohn October 15, 2007