high off crackcoacine by smokin out off a pipe
yo did you see homeboy he was on the side of the road beamin
by Zany Zane September 19, 2007
Top Definition
a versatile phrase to describe someone or something that's legit in ya face. something that is obviously, blatantly, and obnoxiously OUT THERE.

Yo is this bling i just bought big enough?
Yeah man, it's BEAMIN!

That girl's been staring at me for so long she's all up in my grill..why is she beamin at me???

Ugh I haven't gotten my hair done in ages...my roots are beamin!
by popo yoyo~1~ April 01, 2009
An active social situation with lots of activity.
"Man this party is beamin!"
by Matt Krauel November 23, 2006
to have deservedly aquired fame and/or prominence due to hard work. one who is beamin is enjoying life and their rise to good fortune. this is a metaphor comparing one to a firework or beam of light; bright, gaining attention, and full of life.
Lupe Fiasco's "I'm Beamin" (off of the album Lasers)

"They said my future was dark, see me now?
Just look around, I'm beamin
They used to talk when I wasn't around
You see me now? I'm beamin"
by kickpush12319 April 13, 2011
A Beamin is a cute, down-to-earth, athletic, funny guy who is always great to have around. He is a very good dancer who can dougie, twerk, cat daddy, ect. He can also jump over guys his height! OMG! Whenever you are with him you have a great time. A Beamin has liked a lot of girls and dated a few, but he is very hot/cold. He only likes someone for a few weeks to a month. But, he is still a great friend to have who can always make you smile.
Bitch #1: OMG Look at him!

Bitch #2: woah!!! did u see that guy?? he just jumped over Ryan... dayum... he's sorta cute.

Bitch #3: Yeah. i know right, that's cuz he's a Beamin.
by emilaylay_13 May 14, 2013
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