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British Electrotechnical & Allied Manufactures Associaton
BEAMA is a trade association in UK
by Emmanuel May 16, 2003
16 6

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arrogant beamer best know it all rich
a car BMW
shit av u seen that beama
by smit October 28, 2003
91 11
1. slang for a BMW
2. cock-lover
1) dude, you hear Herb got a new beama?

2) fuck man, your roommate is such a beama
by Brick-Haus December 20, 2004
72 24
I admit, its a nice car but the people who drive these cars have no mercy. They will cut you off, they think they're the best thing since sliced bread, the best drivers on the road and they love to show off.
Im rich so i can treat everyone like shit and run people over on the road because I drive a beama
by JeffFy September 12, 2006
38 4
One who is said to love the cock, is reffered to as a Beama
by Mr.Anon March 09, 2003
9 15