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Keenly watchful eyes, often with ill will.
"Don't you dare think about stealing my cookies!"
"Who me? Never!"
"I see your beady eyes..."
by therealdrag01 July 21, 2012
40 8
Beady Eye are a rock band formed in 2010 by four former members of Oasis - Liam Gallagher, Gem Archer, Andy Bell and Chris Sharrock.
Liam Gallagher: The name of my new band is Beady Eye
by fede01_8 May 30, 2010
70 27
Small, greedy, maliciously glittering, evil eyes, avoiding eye contact
George Costanza has beady eyes.
by Autismal July 09, 2013
5 3
when your eye sticks a few centimeters outta your eye socket
Sonya Khalil
Manager of Pizza Hut - Rosemeadow
by anonymous April 12, 2003
14 46
adj: small round eyes that glisten with insightfulness, supreme knowledge of technical tax issues and a profound ability to "make it happen."

Note: Not to be affiliated in the slightest to Lombroso's version of the adjective written in his book...'On Criminal Man'.
When I looked at his beady eyes, it made me realize that he was indeed not a criminal but perhaps a positive, charismatic man that probably had the profession of a high level executive.
by A fellow beady-eyed person September 14, 2005
96 160
This is a mentally handicapped person that has beady, black little eyes.
Hey! You see that beady eyes over on register four? Holy shit! How is he cashiering if he is a beady eyes?

Shoutout to Wainarius AKA Boss of All Bosses!!!
by T--Niggs April 01, 2009
52 170