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the single most ruthless place in the world
"lets go to beachlands"

"i heard they have a beachuth goat"
by kingbeachlands February 08, 2008
Beachlands (Beach-Lands)
This small suburb found in manukau of New Zealand is said to be one of the most ruthless places in the world. it has its own school, a couple of dairies and a few other shops. really it could be called its own country, but for a lot of us we call it home. it is also home to what is called "BeachUth" which is the most ruthless youth group on our planet. all though i think that it is more of a race then a youth group.

Beachlands... simply the most ruthless place in exsistance
Just because i live in "Beachlands" doesn't mean i smoke weed

I think i saw the BeachUth goat in "Beachlands"
by Cameron O'Byrne June 20, 2009
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