A term used in Melbourne to describe a person not from a bayside area that migrates with all of his inbred, inland countrymen to the beaches during summer, thereby slowing traffic to a standstill for the locals.
John: Hey Paul, you coming to the Edgy tonight?
Paul: Would love to mate but the roads are clogged with fucking inland beachies.
by Bayside_Local January 15, 2013
Top Definition
A person who, during summer or summer vacation, goes to the beach every single day with no exceptions. To offically be a beachie you must do at least three of the following things:
1. Surf
2. Bodyboard
3. Skate or Longboard
4. Party
5. Grow out your hair to at least shoulder length (for dudes) or waistlength (for chicks)
6. Never go to a tanning booth
Hey bro what are you doin this summer??

I'm a beachie what the fuck do you think I'm gonna do, dumbass.
by Spencer Durham (FOOSBALL) December 10, 2008
To drive past the beach with no intention of getting out of the car; Aussie slang for driving past the beach. Also: "Chuck a Beachie"; the act of driving past the beach with no intention of getting out of the car.
"Hey guys, you wanna chuck a Beachie?"; "Me mates and I chucked a Beachie last night"; "Let's grab some Macca's and chuck a Beachie"
by Caghs March 20, 2009
Person to whom lives on a beach or a body of water
Wow they are so lucky to be beachies, and to own a home on beach.
by Miquel Rodgers April 05, 2007
u iz a cool person
replace person with 'beachie' so u iz a cool beachie
by tracey March 24, 2004
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