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u iz a cool person
replace person with 'beachie' so u iz a cool beachie
by tracey March 24, 2004
A person who, during summer or summer vacation, goes to the beach every single day with no exceptions. To offically be a beachie you must do at least three of the following things:
1. Surf
2. Bodyboard
3. Skate or Longboard
4. Party
5. Grow out your hair to at least shoulder length (for dudes) or waistlength (for chicks)
6. Never go to a tanning booth
Hey bro what are you doin this summer??

I'm a beachie what the fuck do you think I'm gonna do, dumbass.
by Spencer Durham (FOOSBALL) December 10, 2008
A term used in Melbourne to describe a person not from a bayside area that migrates with all of his inbred, inland countrymen to the beaches during summer, thereby slowing traffic to a standstill for the locals.
John: Hey Paul, you coming to the Edgy tonight?
Paul: Would love to mate but the roads are clogged with fucking inland beachies.
by Bayside_Local January 15, 2013
To drive past the beach with no intention of getting out of the car; Aussie slang for driving past the beach. Also: "Chuck a Beachie"; the act of driving past the beach with no intention of getting out of the car.
"Hey guys, you wanna chuck a Beachie?"; "Me mates and I chucked a Beachie last night"; "Let's grab some Macca's and chuck a Beachie"
by Caghs March 20, 2009
Person to whom lives on a beach or a body of water
Wow they are so lucky to be beachies, and to own a home on beach.
by Miquel Rodgers April 05, 2007