Approaching a cracker and making a loud noise in their face similar to a seal (the kind that lives in the ocean).
Did you see that guy's face when I beached him?
by Greg&Cory December 22, 2004
1. (Adjective). Something that is impossibly chill, cool, and sexy, with an almost island feel to it.

2. (Noun). A sandy area next to an ocean.
1A. "Jeez, that jazz bar by the bay is so beach. I feel like I could spend hours just dazed by it's chillness."

1B. "Did you see that girl's outfit? It's pretty beach."

2. "Let's go sit on a beach today."
by euromuzikfreak July 01, 2006
"beach" a word fobs try saying but end up saying "bitch"
mom:HEY! guess what?
mom: I live near the beach!
co-worker:ohh uhh yeah me too!
mom: its nice to live near a beach because its fun to swim in!
co-worker: what the hell?
mom:uhh...would you like to live near a beach?
co-worker: HELLLLL NAWWW!!!
by nerak audab July 23, 2006
a term used usually between friends meaning "bitch" but in a non-offensive and exceptionally funny way
hey beach
eww you ratty ass beach
via giphy
by queen_slay69 July 11, 2016
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