Term used in the Great Lakes, midwest and North Carolina for the shore or place that meets the ocean .

See shore for New Jersey and New England

See coast for the Southeast

See sea for England

See surf for California and North Carolina
I drove 17 hours from Chicago to go to the beach in North Carolina.
by BellaVistaBambina September 23, 2009
Beach is a nicer way of expressing your anger. It can be said in place of any "bad" word that you can think of. Whenever your thinking a "bad" thought, it is always nice to resort to beach. Mostly because there might be children around. Also, it doesn't give you the risk of saying something you would regret. A little too often, we take out our anger on beloved family members. By using beach, you are staying away from those "bad" words and taking out your anger in a good way.

That beach!
by ocean liebe June 09, 2009
Two women who share every aspect of their lives with each other. The relationship is often stormy and is marked by intense emotion and an over-abundance of drama. Nevertheless, the tears are honestly shed, and one will most probably give a gut-wrenching eulogy at the other's funeral. (Noun)

To go Beaches (Verb) -

1. to divulge the most private details of your life to your best-friend
2. your girlfriend (romantic) discusses an embarassing secret about your sex life with her best friend.
Noun -

I know everything there is to know about that girl; we've been Beaches for ten years.

Verb 1. -

I promised I wouldn't say anything, but I can go all Beaches with you right, girl?

Verb 2. -

My ex-girlfriend went Beaches on me and told her friend I have a small penis. Like her friend didn't already know. Oooh, snap!
by Madame June 29, 2006
A bored, hopeless state of mind brought on by heat, sleep deprivation, or chemistry homework . Pointless business law classes can also induce such feelings of "beaching."
This chemistry homework doesn't make sense. I'm so tired, and the air conditioner is broken so I feel like I have heat stroke. I must be beaching.
by That which is Beach March 13, 2011
a verb; meaning to do "EVERYTHING BUT" with someone. has developed from people carrying out this practice on holiday, on beaches. particularly with people whose names are unknown. the sand also makes it interesting.
girl one: so what did you do when you went to tenerife ?
girl two: i beached
girl one: niiiice
by mrs martin December 30, 2009
A place that may as well be heaven in disguise. Warning: Beaches may lead to gorgeous tans, adventures, and fun times.
Lol, all my friends are going skiing this winter, but I'm going to the beach! Jealous yet?
by Noone Importantatall March 12, 2015
Very mean and unruly person. Usually one who keeps rejecting your socialism and unfriendly.
Jasper is a Be'ach everytime i want to talk to him he rejects my offer.
by Urbando May 24, 2011
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