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Term used in the Great Lakes, midwest and North Carolina for the shore or place that meets the ocean .

See shore for New Jersey and New England

See coast for the Southeast

See sea for England

See surf for California and North Carolina
I drove 17 hours from Chicago to go to the beach in North Carolina.
by BellaVistaBambina September 23, 2009
30 27
a very secret way of saying bitch.
Dave:Is it me or is julie acting like such a beach tonight?
Jorge:No she most def is!

by Peter Calabrese September 02, 2007
22 37
a way of saying bitch in secret
She is acting like such a beach today.
by Tiandrea November 03, 2007
20 36
When you take a shit, and the turd is so long that it goes down the hole, through the water, and rests outside the water on dry porcelin.
-I'm 'bout to go beach this turd right now.

-I just beached one.

-I've been beaching shits all day.
by shmeegan July 21, 2008
11 28
I blunt of weed
Hey man I could really go for a beach right now....
by MorgyMorg October 25, 2008
3 22
verb - to drop a turd so long that part of it stretches out of the water onto the dry area of the toilet bowl on the edge of the water, in much the same way that a whale beaches itself
One dude: So how was the crap, man?
Other dude: Amazing! I totally beached one; it left a huge streak.

Some dude: Oh, my stomach hurts.
Another dude: Is your appendix rupturing?
Some dude: No, I just feel like I'm about to beach one.
Another dude: Ewww..awesome.
by Gritter December 03, 2007
20 39
The area between your ass and your crotch. Often hairy or "sandy" with "beach crumbs" aka "poo crumbs"
We have a great picture of Ryan putting his beach on John's face when he was passed out.

It was a nice day at the beach until Billy decided to wipe back to front.

That bitch so dirty, you never know what diseases will wash up on that beach
by jiggaslapnuts October 18, 2007
12 39
Where people go to hope to get laid or make fun of tourists
It's russian tourist month, and there are fat russian chicks all over the beach!
by Hoolaaaaaaaaaaaah April 04, 2007
18 56