The act of knowingly engaging in sexual activity with an absurdly obese man or woman.
Aiq: So Vipact, did you bbq that chick?
Vipact: Heck yes I did!
by Aiq August 08, 2005
Something that retarded n00bs say during online gaming.
1 player:pwned
2 player:owned bitch
3 player:teh suck
4 player:BBQ!!!
Players 1,2,3: n00b
#retard #noob #n00b #pwned #owned
by Magma Monster March 05, 2006
something vegetarians done enjoy much, unless it involves tofu and roasted onions

vegetarian 1: "omg, like she she's having a bbq tomorow"
vegetarian 2: "ew, like how many innocent lives died for that"
#bbq #vegan #vegetarian #chicken #meat
by Nicotina November 11, 2006
the American way to celebrate
Come on over, neighbor! BBQ is on me
by Ryan "Homie G" October 05, 2003
The act of smoking marijuana with your friends; a good sesh.

"I've got some steak, lets go have a BBQ in the third floor bathroom".
#barbeque #marijuana #weed #pot #smoke #dank #nugget #nug #rug #hug #kickin' it #high #baked #a good time
by Chefboyardee March 03, 2007
Brooklyn Bronx Queens
Shout out to the BBQ
by CindyG February 22, 2005
Nickname given to me Bubble Butt Queen because i have a big booty
"BBQ get ur big bubble butt over here!"
by Jamaa September 02, 2005
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